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Greg and Inara started the band around 6 years ago. When recording, Inara sings and Greg plays pretty much everything else....except when they play live. Then they engage the help of all the lovely people on this page.
Hi, this is Juliette Commagere. I can't remember how long I've been playing in The Bird and the Bee but I think it's been a year or maybe two. When I'm not doing whatever Inara asks I'm working on my own solo project. My last record "The Procession" came out last fall on Manimal Vinyl and it's available on iTunes and via Manimal's website.
Willow Geer has been singing with Inara since she was a wee one. They sang on Children's albums together and acted in plays as well as in a Barber Shop quartet called "The Betties" for a number of years. So when Inara mentioned back up singing for a new little project called "The Bird and the Bee", she was in. She has been there from the beginning, singing, clapping, dancing, playing tambourine, triangle and Omnichord! Willow is also an actress and voice over artist.
Justin Meldal-Johnsen was brought on to play bass with the band in March of 2010 when Inara (who usually plays bass live) was so pregnant she couldn't hold the instrument anymore. Since then, he has played almost every show with them. Justin also produces records and plays with a load of other bands (Beck, Air, M83, Nine Inch Nails, Goldfrapp, Dido, Ladytron, and more).
Alex Lilly has been lending her voice and keyboard tinklings to the Bird and Bee's live show for four years. When she's not playing with these geniuses, she's writing music, dancing in performance art pieces, and singing with the harmoniously well-endowed Living Sisters. Her own band, which she writes and produces for, is called Obi Best.
Valerj Pobega has been designing clothes for "the bird and the bee" since before their debut record was released. She and Inara met after an early bird and bee show. Valerj, already an accomplished designer, offered to help Inara design clothes for her and the back-up singers to wear onstage.
Hi, I'm Aaron and I've been playing drums in the band since we appeared on the "Ellen" show in late March of 2010. In my brief time with the band we've done some incredible things but my favorite has been playing the Hollywood Bowl. When I'm not playing in the Bird and the Bee I play on records and tour quite a bit. A few times a year I get to work on music for film and t.v. which never fails to present me with fun challenges. Outside of that I moonlight as a photographer..
Wendy started playing guitar and singing with The Bird & The Bee in the Winter of 2008. She plays with other LA-based artists (Obi Best, Priscilla Ahn, Evan Voytas) and also has a solo project called The Sweet Hurt.